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  • Puzzle Power Ups in Homescapes With My Tips

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    Homescapes is an interesting type of game. It has elements of house decorating and start puzzles. Before we get to the puzzles, the decorating aspect of Homescapes is very easy and interesting. Just play the story, play the puzzles and unlock places and items to decorate that part of the house. You can also buy some of the items to change the look of your house from time to time. Now lets go to the puzzles. The puzzle mechanics of Homescapes is very straightforward. Each level has an objective that you should fulfill. Like in one level you need to get 12 red ribbon tiles and 14 blue book tiles. While in another level you need to get 20 green cup tiles and 10 yellow lamp tiles and others.


    You do need to watch out for those moves because if you run out of moves and you fail to complete the objective then the level fails and you need to start over again on that level. Matching three tiles can be easy but later on it becomes harder. Don’t worry though as you can rely on these power ups that you can use in Homescapes. In order to get these power ups you need to fulfill certain conditions. Just like matching a certain number of tiles. We’ll start first with the rockets which come in either as the vertical and horizontal rockets. Clicking on these rockets will destroy a line of tiles in a vertical or horizontal manner depending on which rocket it is. Any tiles caught in the line will be taken as if you matched 3 tiles.

    Power Up

    The next power up is the bomb which can be taken when you match tiles in an L or T shaped manner. The bomb allows you to blow up tiles in a radius near the bomb clearing them out. The other power up is the paper plane. It can be made when you match four tiles in a square shape. The paper plane is interesting since you tap on it, it will fly while clearing out a small radius of tiles around it. Then the plane will land on another tile in the distance to destroy it. It usually targets the objective tiles given. If you run out of power up and have no coins, you can use this Homescapes hack to help you out.

    Rainbow Bomb

    The last power up is the rainbow bomb. In order to get this one, you must match up five tiles to unlock it. The rainbow bomb is useful but you need to know how to use it. Swiping the rainbow ball to an adjacent tile will activate the ball and destroy the same tiles that rainbow ball was swiped. Like if it is swiped with a green cup then all green cups on the board will be destroyed. Those are pretty much the power ups available for Homescapes. The other thing is that you can combine and use two power ups at the same time but not all of them have good synergy. Know when to use those power ups if you can.